Sumire no Tsubomi Review

A few weeks ago i managed to install AGTH and ATLAS, 2 softwares necessary to translate a japanese visual novel into english(it’s a rough translation though)

Then i started to download a few visual novel, one of them is this adult visual novel called Sumire no Tsubomi(18+) (started playing it on my 18th birthday,,sounds silly, yeah.. T_T)
Although knowing that there are some rape part which is a turnoff(yeah,right..), the art is SUPER gorgeous, so i gathered my courage to download this game and…..I DON’T REGRET PLAYING THIS AT ALL!!!

This is the opening video of the game
and this is the official website(it’s in japanese)

Summary of this game
Story: Hayasaka Satsuki is afraid to fall in love because her childhood friend/first love called her ugly just before he moved to Austria. Then, 5 years later, in her 3rd year of high school, she watched this takarazuka show(Japanese all-female musical theater where female actress acts as a male character). Since then she has a dream to make the clothes of Jun Hikari, the takarazuka actress who acts as the male hero.

This game is divided into 2 prologue and 2 main chapter.
The 1st prologue is that her handicraft club closed due to lack of member, and she’s been dragged to join the drama club.

The 1st main chapter(Graduation) is that her first love got transferred back to her school and we can choose to chase after him or the drama club members.

The 2nd prologue is that her first love don’t get transferred and you don’t chase the drama club members until graduation. This prologue is about her getting a job as a costume designer in the same theater as her idol, Jun Hikari.
The 2nd main chapter(Theater) is that she met the drama club members in her workplace, also her first love got back to the city as a famous pianist. and we can choose to chase them of course 😛

Warning: There are 73 endings for this game!!!! most of the ending are at the Theater chapter.

Hayasaka Satsuki: An orangehaired-shy girl who is talented in sewing and designing clothes. she has a low self esteem mainly due her first love told her to never remove her glasses because she looks ugly.

Suzushiro Kanade: Her childhood friend who is also her first love. A professional pianist, also a total tsundere. He has a redhair and also wear a glasses.

Yanagi Touwa: The whitehaired-director(or sub-director, i don’t know which one due to the weird translation) of the drama club. After graduation he become the director of the theater where satsuki also work. A coolheaded-sadist 😛

Azuma Seiichiro: The main actor and the director of the drama club, who is a kabuki actor. He’s a tsunderedere who is the most gentle toward satsuki(A.K.A he doesn’t rape her XD)

Kusakabe Haru: The timid, gloomy, blackhaired-scenario writer of the drama club. Although he looks the kindest of all he can be quite scary when his “dark side” mode is ON. A yandere.

Yuki: The cheerful, party lover upperclassmen who is the shadow member of the drama club. He’s very friendly toward the main character. He’s the shortest, but strongest among the guys. Has a blond hair , usually wears a beanie cap.

Jun Hikari: Satsuki’s idol. A handsome women who is very kind toward satsuki. In the Theater chapter she has her route which make this game a bit YURI. She has a light brown hair with ponytail style.

Hayasaka Mutsuki: The kind, gentle, handsome, 2 years younger brother of satsuki who is a bit sister-complex. has a dark blue hair. Very popular

Makoto: Satsuki’s best friend who is cheerful and outgoing. she has a brown hair.

Kusakabe Akina: Younger sister of haru who is a spoiled young lady. She loves her brother so much. She has blonde hair and wears bright colored dress.

Hayata: A man who swore his loyalty toward Seiichiro. Has a darkgreen hair and tan skin.

Review of the Story: *contains mild spoiler*

Graduation Chapter:
Typical highschool-love stories, doesn’t contain H scene except Kanade’s route

Yuki : Being the most cheerful member, he became friends with satsuki easily. In his route, he and satsuki spent a lot of time together and then he confessed his love to satsuki.

  • His bad ending is that satsuki rejects him then he went all rapist mode and forcibly kiss her then say good-bye(thank god he didn’t rape her!).
  • His good end is that they started dating.

Haru : Because he and satsuki are classmates, they get along pretty well. The conflict started when every member of the drama club wont come to the drama club due to many reasons = touwa and seiichiro argued, yuki’s too busy with his job and kanade’s being a jerk because he’s jealous of haru, making haru and satsuki spent their time together a lot, and eventually, love bloomed.

  • Haru’s bad end: haru felt guilty by thinking that everyone refused to go to the club because of him, then he stopped coming to the club, leaving satsuki alone. At the end he told satsuki that he’s in love with someone and he wont confess because he isn’t confident that he could make her happy, and satsuki being broken hearted to hear that he’s in love with someone(it’s obvious that he’s in love with you,girl…)
  • Haru’s happy end: after haru left the club, everyone(except for kanade) told satsuki that they refused to go to the club in order to let haru make a move at satsuki LOL. Satsuki was furious to hear that then she immediately told haru their stupid motive. Haru who felt relieved to hear that then confessed to satsuki and got accepted.

Seiichiro: Seiichiro is danger of repeating a year due to bad grades. So he asked satsuki to help him in studying because touwa refused to help him XD. He got pretty close with satsuki during the lesson session but one day he started to ignore satsuki. It turned out that his fans think satsuki’s a bother and he ignored her in order to protect her. When satsuki’s being confronted by his fans, seiichiro saved her by saying that he’s an idiot who would’ve repeat a year without satsuki’s help. His fans who were disappointed in him(they thought that he’s pretty smart) then let satsuki go.

  • Bad end: He repeats a year.
  • Good end: He passed the test and got himself a new girlfriend(which is satsuki :P)

Touwa: Since the beginning he’s pretty mean toward satsuki as he’s the one who forced satsuki to enter the drama club and always ordered her to do errands. And somehow, satsuki fell in love with him despite his sadist personality(or she’s born maso). One day there’s this advertisement about designing contest and touwa asked whether she would participate or not. Being not confident in herself, she said she wouldn’t enter. Since then she went all clumsy and broke lots of things due thinking too much about the contest. Touwa who got angry at her drove her out of the club.

  • Bad end : Satsuki who is regretting for not entering the contest, cried that she think she can’t be with touwa anymore
  • Good end : After being sent away by touwa, satsuki entered the designing contest to prove that she is good enough to be a drama club member. Later she told touwa about the contest result and beg to let her join the drama club once more, then confessing her feeling. Turns out that he purposely drove her out of the club hoping that she would join the contest(as she won’t enter if he didn’t do that) then agreed to go out with her.

Kanade: In the graduation chapter, kanade got transferred to the same highschool and joined the drama club. Satsuki who still hates him got shocked to know that kanade would live in her house for a while. Satsuki’s mom then asked kanade to help satsuki do errands. Eventually, satsuki’s hatred slowly fade away. Since he has 5 endings here lets divide his route into 2 parts:

H-part: In this part, by the time that satsuki & kanade got stuck in satsuki’s room, he confessed that he’s been in love with her since they’re younger and attacked her(uh.. yeah, he kinda raped her here)

  • Bad end: Satsuki despises him even more and by the way they graduate, kanade moved back to Austria, then wrote a letter of apology.
  • Happy end: Satsuki said that she also has the same feeling then they dated. Somehow all they did are H-stuff and satsuki felt that it’s not what she wanted. She later told kanade what she felt and kanade, being understanding, tried change his way(a.k.a hold his lust). After graduation, kanade who promised that he would come back, moved back to Austria, and years later he fulfilled his promise.

No H-part: He didn’t do anything while he got stuck with satsuki.

  • Bad end: Satsuki didn’t go to his piano concour. Later he moved to Austria and never coming back.
  • Good end: After graduation, satsuki went to see his concour, then realized that she still has feelings for kanade. As she went home, she met kanade who then confessed his feeling. She’s very glad to hear it and confessed her love. Then he promised that he would come back.
  • Good end2: Satsuki confessed her love right after graduation ceremony to kanade, and asked him to never forget about her. Kanade answered he couldnt possibly forget the girl he loves, and hugged her.

Theater Chapter:
In the theater chapter, each of the guys have around 6-7 endings and about 2-3 of them contains rape except for seiichiro. Hikari has 2 endings here. Mutsuki and hayata don’t have a love ending. I don’t put the spoiler of this chapter because there are sooo many route ^^;

Most fave: don’t really know which one is the best because it’s mainly about satsuki-being-raped-but-deep-inside-she-enjoyed-it stories.
Worst: Yuki’s bad ending. The first ending i got which was terrifying because it’s a *spoiler here* 3P route…

Special Route Theater Chapter:
This route can only be unlocked after finishing a few endings. In this route, every character backgrounds are being told, and there are no H scenes. This route contains the main storylines of the game. (i wonder why it’s called special route when it’s much more better than the main chapte rs that have so-so stories and lots of rape and H moments) This route contain the best endings of the game.
Most fave: Because of his *cough* 3P *cough* end at theater chapter, yuki turns me off completely.. but then i couldn’t stop crying while seeing the his special route’s ending. Simply fascinating!!
Worst: There are no worst one, but the one i don’t like as much as the others is haru’s end.

The conclusion is,, Sumire no tsubomi is pretty good. The arts are gorgeous, the music is beautiful, the characters are pretty cute(except when their rapist mode is ON), Some parts are quite boring(prologues and some routes) but some of them are fascinating!(yaay for special route) okay i must admit that this game contains a lot of rape and H scene, but if you managed to get over those, you will get a special route to play, and seriously, that route is super awesome, the guys are decent, yaay for NO rape!! and beautiful stories.(at least for a romance-drama lover like me ^v^)

Phew,, that’s one long review.. Thank you for reading^^

Any questions (especially questions related to this game) is welcome!


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  1. Oestaira says:

    I’ve been looking everywhere for this game and can’t find it! =_=; Any recommendation?

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